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    Blitzkrieg Boerboels and Mizpah Boerboels
    Breeding absolute Top Quality South African Boerboels! Welcome to Blitzkrieg Boerboels and Mizpah Boerboels area of www.boerboelsonline.com .We are a small rural family, boerboel breeder in Ohio, U.S.A.. Our site is different because we are different. We are not selfish or otherwise personally motivated people. Our interest is not to push the next mass puppy sale. We are committed to breeding better Boerboels, educating and being educated on all things boerboel, and sharing our success and failures with other Boerboel minded people, always with ennoblement of the Boerboel resting squarely in the middle of our hearts. Our loyality is to the betterment of the boerboel first and always. We truly believe that there is no substitute for straight talk and good dogs. Our promise is to never compromise these two most important qualities.



    We have greatly reduced the number of adult breeding females in our Blitzkrieg family of Boerboels. For two reasons..... First we must as breeders make way for the next generation and second we have brought the Mizpah family of Boerboels onto our farm. Upon the passing of Mr. Van der Merwe the breeding at Mizpah stopped. The future of this original family of Boerboels was very near it`s sunset when by chance the right people came to meet. Many thanks to Thomas Stegall of Rooibos Boerboels whom brought this to my attention as well as Jan Ledoux of Egoli Boerboels a most respected breeder and good friend of L.M. Van der Merwe as well as myself. The generosity of Mr. Ledoux cannot be adequately put to words. The Boerboels of Mizpah and our entire Boerboel community owe him endless appreciation. I TIMOTHY DOLD AM THE SOLE LEGAL OWNER OF THE MIZPAH BOERBOEL STUD AND KENNEL NAME. This was a legal sale from Lukas van der Mewre`s widow (in accordance with his last will and testament) to me. This is an enormous responsibility and it has required a major investment of space and finances. The three females that we retired from our breeding program Spitsvuur Madja 92%, Electric Zena 93.9%, and Blitzkrieg Bonnie 93.6% were three of the finest breeding bitches in the world. You cannot everyday buy/breed/ or even see bitches like that but from time to time we must make sacrifices in order to fulfill larger obligations. We did retain Balkan Bailee and Blitzkrieg Fiona. Blitzkrieg will retain many of their coming daughters. We also added Mizpah Shadow, Egoli Topaz, Egoli Kenya, Egoli India, and Egoli Ceylon (not yet on the site) as well as stud dogs Mizpah Black and Egoli Pumba. As sure as I am sitting here typing these words some of these dogs will make it into our Mizpah breeding program and some of them will not. I am critical and brutally honest in my breeding plans. I will be as harsh on the selection process for Mizpah as I have been for Blitzkrieg.

    I understand that there are some people in this world that are upset that I am in possession of the Mizpah studname and many of the Mizpah dogs. Possibly even more upset that I, and not them will be the one continuing on and producing the Boerboels that will carry the name, Mizpah. This is not about me, you, or even Lucas himself. This not about a group of dogs whom for years were neglected far worse than I choose to put to print here. This is not about a once great breeding program that was abandoned. This is not about financial gain. This is only about a family of dogs known as Mizpah. I did not find them... They found me..... every time I watch them, every time that I look into their eyes, every day with them I learn more about Mizpah. Lucas spent generations making them the way they are. All I must do is pay attention to what they are telling me. I am where I am because fate has a funny way of guiding us. Historically poor decisions were made and now we find ourselves in a situation that not everyone can agree on. That is unfortunate. I truly hope that every one whom chooses to find and use dogs of the Mizpah line are successful in their breeding programs. I hope that they will use an objective, honest, mind when breeding them. I hope they will seek breed improvement and not just attempt to satisfy market demand. I hope that they will forgo the current cartoon like obsession with patting each others back, ignoring glaring faults, and truly make hard, unselfish, sacrificing decisions that will elevate the quality of these dogs. It will benefit all of the dogs whom share the Mizpah pedigree and that is the goal. I wish for this even for those whom do not return the same kindness to me. For me this is only about the dogs and I sleep easy at night knowing that Mizpah is in good hands on my families farm. Please be patient with me.....The future of Blitzkrieg Boerboels and Mizpah Boerboels is very bright. I am humbled by this responsibility


    Our pups are priced @ $1500.00 (US funds) if sold without papers as pets. $2000.00 (US funds) if sold with SABT/STUDBOOK birth certificates. POL pups are priced individually. Shipping and or in person delivery (worldwide) is offered at an additional charge.

    Adult Boerboels for sale:

    From time to time we sell our young adults. With every generation we make every attempt to equal or better our breeding stock. If we are successful in this quest then our puppies should replace their parents in our breeding lineup as they should be an improvement upon them. We are commited to breed improvement, not just puppy sales. We also do not have any desire to keep a large number of dogs as quality of life for the dogs and ourselves is always a balancing act. If we are to keep of our puppies then from time to time our young breeding Boerboels must be sold. With only a small number of breeding dogs our stud males can also quickly saturate our lines so we often sell them at a young premium breeding age.




    We are current members of the South African Stamboek/Stud Book registry
    Blitzkrieg Kennel (0611334)
    Mizpah Kennel (0649776).

    Completed 2009 SABT Breeders-Appraisers course.

    We hope you enjoy your visit, our dogs , and return soon.

    Please visit our forums to talk, buy, and sell anything Boerboel. http://www.boerboelsonline.com/forum.php

    We also welcome phone calls. If you are interested in buying a Boerboel, have questions, concerns, or just want to talk Boerboel feel free to call 1-740-342-1572.
    10:00 to 20:00 EST please. Or email us at click here
    Thank you,
    Timothy Dold
    Blitzkrieg Boerboels
    Mizpah Boerboels
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    Boerboelsonline is an ever evolving community of South African Boerboel owners, breeders, and enthusiasts that will always place the Boerboels interests above all else. A place where we as a community can talk, learn, share, buy and sell all things Boerboel (see our forum, Boerboel Market Place).

    This idea came about as a result of a personal conversation that I had with a friend. I decided that I wanted a website for my Boerboels and I confided in a friend for help. His first question was, What are your competitors doing? My answer? " I do not have any competitors. Actually I would be happy if every Boerboel puppy that hit the ground was functionally superior and if every household had one." He smiled and responded, well then why don't we just build a website for everyone. The idea was born and this website is truly for everyone and everything Boerboel! We welcome Boerboel owners, breeders, enthusiasts, and people just wanting to visit with us.

    The fact is, I as an individual, do not have the time or knowledge to answer and be involved in all of the issues that may arise through our forums. This is when I hope that I have successfully provided the tools for the Boerboelsonline community to come together and help one another. The vast majority of us do not have the available resources that is needed to single handed contribute and improve the breed that we love. We do however have the power of communication and accurate information. Communication and accurate information can bring together people and resources to contribute to the same cause. It is well known that there is power in numbers. We must for the success of the Boerboels that we call our friends share the facts and expose the fictions. This should ultimately cause us to look with an equal eye at not only our Boerboels but hopefully the closest mirror as well and the Boerboels will be better for it.

    We will not choose favorites or take sides but will always aim for the facts. Please do the same. The truth is not always easy on the eyes or the ears but if you are an honest soul it will set you free. We also ask that you be tactful, and respectful in your writings. We will not tolerate otherwise. We also do not claim to be all knowing but everyone knows something and if everyone can come together and share what they know our Boerboels will again be better for it.

    We are not interested in pushing the next mass puppy sale as we are not selfish or otherwise personally motivated people. At the end of the day we at Boerboelsonline are on the Boerboels team and when we look up and down our side of the field we hope to see you there.

    We welcome any ideas that you have to improve this site, The sky is the limit. Please enjoy, explore and feel free to use Boerboelsonline as your own.We feel very strongly that this website is not ours or yours it is a tool to be used and shared to benefit the Boerboel, and it belongs to them. Respect it as you would them.

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