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Thread: Missouri Boerboel Thieves

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    Angry Missouri Boerboel Thieves

    I thought that this was worth passing along.

    An email that I received today (3-10-2011)from Shirley @ the SABT.

    "Just a word of caution...beware of people stealing Boerboels.

    I received a call from Randy and Robin Proffer last night. They had 2 of their breeding age Boerboel females stolen yesterday...March 9. This happened in broad daylight. Appears these thieves were very brave and knew exactly what and how to steal these dogs.

    I, along with Randy and Robin would appreciate you spreading the word and just maybe they will be able to find the person(s) that took their dogs.

    I'll keep you posted with any updates."

    If you have any information about this please email me click here

    or contact Randy @ Proffer's Kennel HC64 Box 4660 Marble Hill, MO 63764 (573) 238-3470


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    Great Job Tim I just came on to post but I see you beat me to it. Just Sad hope they catch them. Peace Lee

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    Default dogs

    That is so unfair that the people steal dogs why can't they buy them dogs

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    Default how much do they trust strangers

    my guess is those guys probably drugged the dogs and this happens a lot in my country too or is it some guys whom the owners had let to play with the dogs in the park.

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    I was curious because I would think that the pups would defend their territories

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